Aims of the Campaign

The campaign exists to encourage those who value good manners and to assess continually what courtesy means in a rapidly changing world. We believe that even a small advance in courtesy would make society more productive, healthier, happier and less at the mercy of anti-social elements. It is not an arbiter of morals and does not pass easy judgement on anybody or anything.

Our main function is to emphasise the importance of courtesy in all our relationships, as a vital ingredient of good health and a successful lifestyle. We believe it to be fundamental to every religious creed, and all men and women of goodwill, religious or not.

Please note the official Campaign for Courtesy Website has now moved – http://campaignforcourtesy.org.uk/ this site is maintained separately and has no direct affiliation however we champion their cause at all given opportunity.

Origins of the Campaign

Ian Gregory, a Congregational minister founded the Polite Society in 1986. To mark the tenth anniversary, we relaunched ourselves as the Campaign For Courtesy, as we felt the word ‘polite’ had become somewhat devalued, and ‘Courtesy’ was thought to be more purposeful.

About the Campaign

We present awards to institutions, firms, schools and individuals as recommended by our members. Each year we call the UK to a ‘day of courtesy’ on the first Friday in October. An annual meeting takes place in May usually at the offices of Swift Contract Phones who fund our campaigns. The media frequently approaches us for comment on current events and invites our officers to appear on radio and TV, and we now are regarded as an authority in good manners, although we avoid questions of etiquette, which is not necessarily the same subject. We now have over 800 members in 24 countries. A newsletter ,’Courtesy Call’ is sent out to all the members 3 to 4 times a year. The latest edition of the newsletter is available now from the address below.